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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stress Tips and Techniques

Dear reader, honestly i wanna share with you about the technique on how we can reduce our stress that can effect our daily routine and our health, if we cannot manage it well..nowadays, our lives are so stressful that we cannot even try to avoid the many factors that cause our blood pressure to rise, our muscles to tense and our heart rates to race..yes, im even always to adapt the situation when i get angy, i can feel my blood pressure totally increase until i got headche!

I wanna share u a few tips i just get from my reading, that can be used at least to reduce our stressful..lets check it out below!

There are various relaxation techniques you can combine with self massage to help you manage stress.try to find a few methods that work for u and set aside some 'me time' each day to practice them.as you get more proficient, u can use them any time u feel tense.i also practice it while sitting down at my relaxing chair at office!hehehe

First, DEEP BREATHING: breathe in very slowly, taking the air deep into your lungs.watch ur abdomen rise.hold for a count of 3.breathe out.repeat as often as you wish..like me, sleang selikan dengan beristighfar...feel the tension ease with every breathe.it works!try it ;p

Second, COUNTING MEDICATION :find a comfortable position.close ur eyes n slowly count to 10.then start at 1 again.clear ur mind of everything but keep on counting.if anytng intrudes into ur thoughts...sila abaikan dan lepaskan ia sambil terus mengira.

Third, VISUALIZATION: close ur eyes and imagine a relaxing scene you know very well ex;a secluded beach, a tranquil wood, a favourite food (red velvet cake ahaks) and many more for example..fikirkan apa yg paling best la...focus on every detail-sights,sounds,smells, until u can almost believe you are there..part ni aku susah sikit sbb mcm2 bnda menerjah masuk dalam kepala.huhu!

Try la ok! ;)

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