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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

hello wednesday!

Assalammualaikum w.b.t

Semalam cuti hari pekerja, alangkah bahagianya dapat bangun pukul 11 pagi.hehehe..normally if we are not working, we usually wake up at 10am to 11am..usai solat subuh kita akan cari bantal balik...hehehe..hari balas dendam katanya..;p

After done cooking breakfast (i cooked simple baked macaroni) we went to ikea...not to shopping like usual (too many things at home rasa nak buang je ;p) but i bought some glasses and bowl for candy buffet (i've planned a birthday party for my lil princess)..take this, take that, it cost around RM140!!aiyoooo!!!!terus rasa nak pengsan!but ok lah still can be used everyday segala mak nenek pinggan mangkuk itu.kalau datang ikea, tak sah kalau tak beli puff dia yg sedap itu...2 pack is a must for us!tehehee..

This saturday we will going to Manjung,Perak for my brother in law engagement day..me sponsored a cake for him..and already booked chocolate indulgence at Secret Recipe.yummy2...the colour theme for the day is blue...same theme with my engagement day 5 years ago...;)

If we have time , we will directly going to Pangkor Island, not too far from Manjung..in my mind, i wanna eat seafood there!!!

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